Friday, 15 March 2019

SL Home and Garden Expo is open

The SL Home and Garden Expo is open and it is massive. I mean like really big. It is laid out over 10 sims. Thankfully they have set it out in a way that is easy to find what you are interested in. All the of info you need is on their  blog so rather than me ramble on and maybe leave stuff out - here is a link for you to check out yourself SL HOME AND GARDEN EXPO - blog. I was playing around with  the  area I live in SL and used some of the things to build a little hiding place for me to sit. Hope you like it.

gate, wall,  flowers as part of wall, pergola  - by  Persnickity  @ Home and Garden Expo
build - She Shed - by  Persnickity  @ Home and Garden Expo
tree swing @ Lore
grasses all @HPMD
stump chair @ Wishbringer
stump with candle bowl by Z.O.E @ Trunk Show
birdbath @ Raindale

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