Monday, 18 March 2019

The Shed

When life gets tough and worry sets in
Walk down to the shed and sit.
For its more than a place to store your junk
Its a place to think and and be calm.
Settle yourself down on that rocking chair
sip tea and read a book.
Leave the worries of life outside the door
And find your peace again.

wooden beehives - Sunland @ Circa
box of twine/ chickens/ blueberries/ wired basket/ cherries in green can/ dresser/ hat/ rose bucket/ stand with tea&honey - Spring Romance gacha @ Granola
rocking chair - Atelier Visconti
shelf - Picture Chic @ Tarte
bookshelf - Rustic @ Kalopsia
building - Art Cabin  Tarte
bick - Sunflowers @ What Next
fence - Lighted  pallet wall  Tarte
grass -Daisy @ Moon_Sha

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