Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Time to put your big girl pants on

Talking to a few people over this last few days and it is frightening to hear what they are dealing with in real life.  I already know some have struggling they deal with daily, I know I do. It has reminded me about why we are in SL. We all come for a reason, something is missing from RL that we come to SL for - could be as simple as earning money to pay bills because the jobs in the area we live is crap. 
For most though, we come for deeper reasons. I could list so many - illness, depression,  loneliness etc...  
Just don't so much in SL that you never face what is wrong in real life. For a few of us it is to late, we are trapped, but it is not like that for all. So get those big girl panties on and face real life head on, grab it and  do everything you can to turn things around while you have that chance. And those things you are struggling, jump in to SL and get support from friends - if you don't have someone in SL to help you, I.M. me. I never want anyone to feel they have to face the crap alone.

wearing - Confident by InsomniaStore @ Zodiac
hair - Jimi by Lamb @ FaMESHed
mesh head - Strong  by Genus @ Skin Fair
head applier - Alice by Lure @ Skin Fair
body applier - Vanilla @ Lure
lipstick - Amy by Michan @ Skin Fair
eyeshadow - 001 by Rekt Royalty @ Skin Fair
shape - Gina by Rekt Royalty Skin Fair
tattoo - leg & body - Sandra by AuricA @ Skin Fair
neon - Cats by Backbone Equal10
barbell, dumbell, bench - Beer Fitness @  Backbone 

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