Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Welcome Home

The rain is beating down hard, the wind is roaring and its cold. After fumbling around in  pockets the front door key is found. As the door opens, the dog barks, happily waggling his tail. The heat touches your face as the coat is hung and shoes kicked off. Handbag sat down and the door closes. You are home. The best feeling in the world on days like that. 

red roses in stand - La Vie En Roses gacha @ Serenity Style
golden vase& roses - Newport @ Dahlia
table lamp - Autumn @ unKindness
coat rack - Autumn @ unKindness
door mat - Autumn @ unKindness
umbrella stand - @ 22769
dog - Bully @ RezzRoom
wall phone - Repurposed Vintage@ Backbone
marble cabint/ mirror shelf trio/ runner rug - Helena by unKindness @ FaMESHed

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