Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The dream day ends

Small cottages by the sea is adorable. There is something sweet and romantic about them. I see the bath in the bedroom happening more often  when flicking through the pages of a home design magazine. To holiday in a place like that would be amazing, to live all year round like that would drive me insane. In SL, I an laying on the bed while blogging

bed - Seafarer by Silence @ TLC
table - rug, lamp,wall hook rack - Castaway Nautical Decor by Salacity  @ TLC
stool, lifeguard, bird - Deep Ocean Gacha by Serenity Style  @ TLC
build - Excotic Sailor's House by Cinoe @ TLC 
dresser - Beach @ Figure 8
picture - Counting the Waves @  Serenity Style
basket - Laundry @ Cez Moi
towel rack - Houseboat @ Dahlia
bath - Vintage @ BackBone

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