Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Vintage Princess

Vintage isn't living in the past, 
It is holding onto creations 
that are given to us 
and need to remain with us.
From lavish gowns to fun flapper dress.
The hippie jeans, the mini skirt
The tie dye shirt, the classic suit.
Amazing never goes away.
It just transforms.

choker - Princess @Cae
top - Acid Tank by Avanti @ Vintage Fair
hair - Susan  by Wasabi @ Vintage Fair
genus head applier - Linn @ Session
body applier Tone 00 @ Session
eyes - Foxy @ Veechi
lashes - Lily @ Veechi
eyeshadow - Llush @ Veechi


  1. Vintage is timeless quality some thing we recognize as enduring the test of time becoming a symbol of what we want to remember or hold dear in our lives and memories. It is simple things that make us happy.

  2. Agree, there are some things that should and will last forever because they are so beautiful