Thursday, 18 July 2019

Dogs are family, not accessories

I adore this little dog in the carry case in SL. It moves its head and ears, so sweet!. The case has a carry animations so when walking it all still works. I walked around all day yesterday with it while exploring a stunning sim. The link for it is below. With this new PC I can not go around places easier and everything is set to ultra.  I now have no excuses for my pictures other than lack of talent. 
Though I adore carrying this wee dog in SL, I would never do this in RL. I love dogs, just not into  getting the latest trend to carry around  because someone famous did it. To me dogs are part of the family. For SL, I will hold onto this little guy for a bit longer and keep exploring.

dog in case - French Bulldog Suitcase by Serenity Style / Rezz Day @ TLC
hair - U93 @ Dura
dress - Nami by Lunar@ Equal 10
sandals -  Dahina Platforms  by Gos @ Access
sim - Sol Existence

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