Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Inspire me .....

You ever seen a post from a blogger who is struggling to be inspired ?. We all hit that roadblock at times. We might have great things sitting in folders, there might be amazing things we can buy and use. There could even be fantastic poses and even better, poses that comes with props. Still, to get that working on screen so it looks good and different from all the other pictures  that have come before, it can be hard at times. Other times the ideas are coming so fast it is a rush to get one idea snapped so the next one can get lined up. 
Its all abit like painting a picture - sometimes we paint a flower, other times its the whole garden.

dog picture - Painting Bulldog Pup @ Rezz Room
stool, paint brush, backing with easel - The Nook @ The Looking Glass
drawers - Painters @ Duvet Day
lamp - Book Lamp @ Bad Unicorn
canvas on floor - Stand Paints @ Plaaka

top - Candy Beach Tee @ Vinyl
jeans - Sky Rippped@ Vinyl
hair - Spring Fling @ KoKoLoReS

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