Wednesday, 6 November 2019

What friends are for

When it is dark wet and cold outside all I want to do is sit some place snug and cosy. I love that I can find this feeling from rooms in SL.  Guess that is what happens from amazingly made items. I have taken a few close-up  pictures and posted below. I have not really done this much but think I need to do it more often. All well and good seeing a room but it is all in the detail and I need to let you see that more. Like we used to blog 10 plus years ago.
Strange how something in a screen can create real feelings. I do think animals add something extra to an SL home just as they do in RL. I would never dream of having a home without a pet in either life. I think I have more dogs than anything else in my inventory.

sofa & chairs - Owen @ Brocante
rug - Madame Gypsy @ Circa
mirror over fire - Metropolis  @ Circa
fireplace - Madison @ What Next
wall sconces over fireplace - Quatrefoil @ What Next
pictures to right - Woodlands Watercolour  @ FourthWall
window blind - Evan @ Sway's
picture to left - Wild & Free @ Kalopsia
plant in pot - Bleached  @ Kalopsia
metal candle holders on floor - Pumpkin @ Merak
plant in stand - Malyn @ Ariskea
large coloured mirror on floor - Sita @ Madras
clock on stand - Jacob Grandfather by Di'Cor @ FaMESHed
dog on bed - Lazy Dog @TLC: Animated Animals (can sit with dog and it breaths)
other dog - Beagle @ Half Deer
sideboard/ candlesticks/ bowl (platter not shown)/ pumpkins on either end of fireplace - Autumn Decor by Refuge @ TLC

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