Sunday, 12 January 2020

Lets get to the point

I love this dog, with her collar matching the shirt I have tied around my waist (has other colour options). The Pointer is a breed I have seen less and less of over the years. Then I read something a few weeks ago I found so sad. The English Pointer could become extinct because it is not trendy enough and 'famous people' do not own one. It drives me nuts that folk will go and buy a type of dog (or other pets) just because someone famous was seen with it. Some will blame my age for this rant but honestly, I have always said the same no matter what age I have been.
I will always encourage people to go to a rescue centre, but if you have your heart set on buying a dog, please learn about it and know what you are taking on. I guess that is why we risk the English Pointer being no more.
So if you are wanting to drop some weight, feel the need to get fit - go to a rescue centre and get a dog, or if you must buy from a breeder, make sure you get a breed that is right for you and not just because it is trendy. Remember it is a life and this is a comment for the lifetime of that animal.

pose & prop - Out of Step @ Nantra
dog - Pointer @ TLC Animated Animals
catwa head applier - Rose @ Session
body applier - Tone 02 @ Session
boots - Jodie @ Mosquito's Way
hair - Judith by KoKoLoReS @ TLC
top with shirt around waist - Seol by Alt3 @ TLC
leggings - Inga @ C'est La Vie
sim - Scarlett

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