Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Only time will tell

I never wanted to go out, safer to stay in.
I didn't need to see people, I was fine on my own.
Lock-down changed everything.
I need to get out, to see everyone
to hug them, ask how have they have been.
I want to sit in the park and people watch.
I want to walk on the beach and listen to the waves roll in.
I might be an island but 
I need that bridge that links me to others.
How will it be when this ends,
will I change or will I fall back to my old ways
Only time will tell.

hair - Alva @ Opale
top - Chanty @ Lunar on MP
shorts - Chanty @ Lunar on MP
leg tattoo - Unauthorized Magic @ Ivory&Rose
top tattoo - Moon and a Wish @ Ivory&Rose
boots - Rory by AsteroidBox @ Neo Japan
pose - Springtime Sadness @ Diversion

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