Thursday, 21 May 2020

Game of Life

Life is meant to be like a game of Chess. I can't play Chess so maybe that is how  I ended up as I am. Life is more like a game of Snakes and Ladders for me - only problem is I dropped down the biggest snake. I tried to use a ladder to get up again but it fell down and smacked me on the head !

bench & lantern - Umbrella Bench Set by Goose @ Cosmo
trees with bending trunk - Amber Ghost Maple by Little Branch @ Man Cave
grass comes in tree pack - both tree and grass has 4 options
other tree by gate  - Elm Shrub @  Little Branch
wall and gateway - Glasbury @ Serenity Style
ivy comes  as part of a decor set @ DaD
gazebo - Happily Ever After @ Raindale
statues - Garden Nymph @ 22769
complete game set & board - Chess Outdoor set @ Serenity Style
birds - Pigeons @ Anc

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