Friday, 26 June 2020

Happy Place

I would love a spot like this in a large garden to sit and chill, paint, read, nap. To relax and do whatever I wanted while enjoying this amazing weather. We are just not used to it lasting this long in the UK
Got to tell you about the backdrop  in case you go to get it and wonder why it is different. The backdrop comes in 2 colours and I didn't know which one I wanted to use so was playing around with both. Then I made on bigger and  this is what happened. I love the red highlighting the clay. Oh and remember, just because it is called a porch swing doesn't mean it has to go on a porch.  

backdrops - (2 layered) - Scenes by Ionic @ Equal 10
porch swing - Murlyn @ Raindale
red trees ( changes to different colours) - Bougainvillea @ Little Branch
shrubs - @ HPMD
grass with sunflower/ table/ art easel on left/ steps/  easel on right and items around it - The Calm Before The Storm gacha by HIDEKI  @ Equal 10
dog - Corgi  @ Mutresse

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