Thursday, 22 April 2021

My little getaway

wagon - Littlewoods by Raindale @ Cosmopolitan

wreaths on wagon - Wild & Free  by Bee's That Way @ TLC

post box -  - Wild & Free  by Bee's That Way @ TLC

daisy & grass - Lecucanthemum Cindy by Konoha   @ TLC

kites - Fly With Me by DaD @ FaMESHed

path - Path of Hope @ Goose

table, plant on table. chairs with cushions , trellis with lights - Trix Terras by   Goose @ Uber Hometown

pamps grass - Make Believe @ 8f8

piano. guitar, planters - Music Deco @ MOoH!

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Virginia Water Dream

Virginia Water is an area in England, only 2 types of people live there. Those who can afford to and those who clean up after them

 build - Isadora @ Trompe Loeil

tree - Norway Spruce @ Little Branch

shrubs - Elm @ Little Branch

wall & gates - Emerson by Galland @ Hometown Uber

flowers & grass - Glam Poppies @ Through The Looking Glass

hedge - Boxwood Bush @ Hive

path - Brick @ Love

lights on wall - Industrial  Bar @ Mithral

planters - Succulent Moss Stone @ Ariskea

bike - Neil Cargo @ Serenity Style

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Let me dream

 crown/ pants/ top - Scheherazade by Salt & Pepper @ Equal 10

earrings - Kimia Summer @Maxi Gossamer

nose ring - Maharani @Maxi Gossamer

hair - Steph @ Exile

skin (lelutka head) - Serenity  tone 2 @ Birth

pose & prop - Juniper Tree @ Le Poppycock 

Sunday, 18 April 2021

Friday, 16 April 2021

Paradise in the Sky

 skybox  -Berry Summer @ Scarlet Creative 

dogs - Fantastique Frenchies @ HEXtraordinary

hanging tapestry & matching pillows - Mandala by  DaD @Anthem 

bench dog is sitting on/ paintings leaning on wall/ desk/ chair/ lanterns on desk - Garden House Gacha @ Refuge 

hanging plants with matching plants on stands - Botanicals @ Pitaya

hanging sloth planter - Lazy @ Pitaya

low lace table - Gokotta @ Dahlia

flowering tree - Potted Hibiscus @ Ariskea

hanging cage plater& hanging lunar planters - Thoughtful  @ Ariskea

grid panel over desk, all items included - Mia by Broken Arrows @ Equal 10

books with clock - Blue @ Acorn

boxes on floor - Folk Pantry @ Pitaya

Thursday, 15 April 2021

The Homemade Wine Bar

 table & chair - Rotherchild @ Crate

bag on chair  Leather @ MudHoney

hanging flower displays - Spring Mobiles @ KraftWork

shelving unit - Layered Bookcase @ ChiMia

books/ trinket chests/ photo frames/ red ball - Shelf Fillers @ ChiMia

silver & gold birds - Plymouth Love Birds @ Dahlia

planter at top - Monkey Mask Vine Monstera @ Vespertine

next 4 planters - Quirky by Bad Unicorn @ Collabor88

plant on bottom - Peperomia Rosso @ Mithral

backdrop - Photo Rooms @ MudHoney

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Fun at the pub garden

 wall/fence - City Garden Wall by Goose @ Cosmo

trees - Bougainvillea @ Little Branch

giant mushroom & crystals  - Magical Mushrooms & Crystals by Granola Equal 10

merry go round/ swing set/ see saw @ MuddlePuddles

fountain - Greenbury @ Serenity Style

path  around fountain @ Moss & Mink

drinks stand - Style Fruit Mania @ Serenity Style

play rocker - Playtime Collection Duck Rocker @ Why Not

play rocker - Playtime Collection Boat Rocker @ Why Not

picnic tables - Vivianna @ Peaches

food and drinks on table top - Summer Gather Clutter @ Peaches

cooler - Camper @ What Next

mesh people are from a selection found on marketplace

Monday, 12 April 2021

It's starting to take shape

 pose & prop - Early Springtime @ Hazeel

fence/ hedgehog with pot/ waterpump wit daisies/ watering can with tulips & wellies/ flower bed with gngnome - Cute Garden Gacha @ MOoH!

top - Eta @ C'est La Vie

shorts - April @ The Annex

shoes - Drew by FridayCollabor88

hair - Sugar by Lamb @ Collabor88

skin (lelutka EVOX head) Cassidy @ DeeTaleZ

Sunday, 11 April 2021

Yes Miss....

Yes, miss, I want you to spank me
With that hand I know so well
It is more than just five fingers
It’s the reason I rebel
Yes, miss, I want you to clank me
In bonds of silver and gold
Chained, I’m a precious gift to you
Unwrapping me never gets old
Yes, miss, I want you to yank me
Down on the floor to my knees
My gaze lowers at your command
I’m eager to do as you please
Yes, miss, I want you to flank me
Punish me from every side
I know I’ve been a naughty boy
Needing discipline you’ll provide
Yes, miss, I want you to crank me
Up to writhing ecstasy
Don’t stop ‘til I ******* beg you
Your tough love is what sets me free
Yes, miss, I want you to thank me
For being your precious pet
Even though I disobey you
It’s clear you love to see me sweat
Yes, miss, I want you to spank me
With the implement of your choice
Make it hurt to make me happy
In your dominance I rejoice

skin (lelutka head EvoX) - Amalia 15 @ AmaraBeauty
make up in in the head hud
hair - TO0206 by Wings @ Anthem
dress - Siouxie @ Avec Toi
pose - Spring Glow @ Diversion

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Are there fairies at the bottom of your garden ?

 pink trees (colour change)  Aelin @ Yugen

bushes - Shrub03 @ HPMD

grass - Flora Wildflower Grass @ Hisa

giant snowdrops - Lillybell Set by Raindale  @ Chronicles & Legends

alter  - Mossy by Simply Shelby @ WLRP

bath  - Enchanted Elven Bath by Simply Shelby  @ Chronicles & Legends

babies - Sleeping Faeries @ HEXtraordinary

Friday, 9 April 2021

Get Creative

 stool/ lamp/ sewing machine/ workstation/  flowers on workstation/ tools box on workstation/  mannequin with half dress/ patterns on floor/ sketches on floor/ wreath hanging on wall -  by Astralia @ Anthem 

mirror - Pastel Morning @ Kalopsia

wire grid on wall - Photo Grid @ Tarte

table in corner - Remodel Sewing Table @ Ariskea

book holder on table - Printmaker gacha @ Fancy Decor

mannequin in corner - Vintage @ Serenity Style

shelving unit - Office @ Ariskea

flies holder on shelving unit @ Apple  Fall

hat stands on shelf - Display @ Lux Aeterna

hanging on  right wall - Paint Swatches @ Tarte

half body mannequin on floor - Vintage @ Ariskea

knitting case on floor - Special Occasions @ Dust Bunny

stack boxes on floor - Vintage Treasures @ Serenity Style

sewing box on floor - Vintan @ Ariskea

material and scissors on floor - Suit Textiles @ Lux Aeterna

shirt collars - Collar Display @ Lux Aeterna

mags on floor - Weekly Periodicals @ Lux Aeterna

brown files on workstation -  Sewing Patterns @ Lux Aeterna

Hug a friend

shoes - Mimi by Lybra @ Uber

trousers - Alice Capris @ The Annex

top - Leeann @ The Annex

hair - Pamela @ Mina

skin (lelutka head) Amalia 15 @ Amara Beauty

pose - Enchanting - @ Ecru 

dog - Saint Bernard Animesh by Rezz Room  @ Uber

sim - Auld Lang Syne

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Only the lonely

I wish I had known how to hold on
to good things while they lasted
and appreciate them for what they wer

hair - Choi @ Monso

trousers - Taylor @ The Annex

top - Dayami @ Ison

shoes - Aubrey @ Ingenue

skin (lelutka head) Aria European @ DeeTaleZ

pose - Lets Me Love The Lonely @ LW Bento Poses

Country girl at heart

I detest living in build up areas. I hate to many people, the noise, the traffic.  My ideal would be  edge of a village by the sea. Then I could go out one way and listen to the waves, other direction I could get to a store and buy in the things needed. All that and go out a different door and be surrounded but countryside and peace.  Then I could roar music when I wanted but still sit still in the quiet and read on other days

building - Great Elm Cottage @ Scarlet Creative

hanging planters - 2 and 3 tiers  @ Moss & Mink

flowers - Sunflowers @ Jian

swingseat - Dimwallow @ Raindale

trees - Cherry @ Little Branch

picnic table - Spring @ Serenity Style

fountain  - Bunny @ Refuge

rabbits - Little Thieves @ TLC Animated Animals

chair with hat/ washtub/ crates/ wheel leaning on fountain/ watering can with flowers - Mesdowroot @ Raindale

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Not so easy to forget

I wish it could be
as easy as breathing-
to forget people who cause us pain.
But I often forget...
even breathing is the hardest
when you were eaten
by rotten lies.

 skin (lelutka head) Aria European @ DeeTaleZ

hair - Rose @ Magika 

romper - Harlow by Aleutia @ FaMESHed

pose & prop - Juniper Tree Whispered Song @ Le Poppycock

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Easter Fun

 dogs - American Bully Puppies @ Rezz Room

rug/ side table/ coffee table/  console by window/ sofa/ table lamp - Sonora Furniture Collection @ Ballade 

picture holders on shelf & home  picture  holder  -  Nocille @ Serenity Style

small plant pots on shelf - Succulents @ Ariskea

succulent tree - Clous @ Ariskea

frame and decor around it on shelf - Spring Farmhouse @ Disorderly 

plant pot on side table - Bear's Paws Succulent @ MishMish

colours baskets - Bunny Baskets @ Simply Shelby

wall art - LiveLoveLaugh @ Through The Looking Glass

guitar - Engraved @ What Next

garland/ eggs on coffee table - Spring Mantal Decor  @ What Next (VIP gift)

Saturday, 3 April 2021

....and life goes on.

handbag - Run-around Sue @ Belle Epoque

top & skirt  - Everly by Meva @ FaMESHed

hair - Catrine by Exile @ Anthem

skin (lelutka head) Amalia 15 @ Amara Beauty

shoes - Fleur by Gos @ FaMESHed

pose - Other Meanings @ Le Poppycock

backdrop - San Francisco @ Pink Unicorn

dog - Parson Russel @ TLC animated Animals

small bike - Tricycle @ Thor

plushie - Bunny @ Thor

Friday, 2 April 2021

Easter weekend in the sun

 build - Newland House  @ Hisa

net curtains @ OPI

all hanging planters @ Ariskea

rocking chair - Vintage @ DaD

wreath on door - Hello Spring @ What Next

bike - Sunflower @ What Next

tree - Pomegranate  by Little Branch  @Uber

shrub - Wild Berry @ Little Branch

fence & gate - Charelston @ Tarte 

decor on left side of gate -  The Spring Keeper  @ Serenity Style

decor on right side of gate - My Pretty Bunny by Serenity Style @Uber

Sand and Ocean

we are but the sand and the ocean.
you are the sand
warm, fine, comforting, golden
people always seem
to walk all over you,
but not me
for I am the ocean
deep, brave, pure, peaceful
and I try so hard to get to you
but every time I push myself
I always end up trickling back to where I belong
it's not fair
I want to belong to you

bikini & crown - Siren by Salt & Pepper @ Uber

hair - Sandra @ Mina

skin (lelutka head ) Amalia 35 @ Amara Beauty

pose & prop - Castaway Aquatic Allure @ Le Poppycock 

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Inhaling Spring

 skin (lelutka head) Aria Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

hair -Midnight @ Magika

earrings & necklace - Sela by Cae @ FaMESHed

dress - Jenni @ C'est La Vie

pose & prop - Sweet Wonder @ Le Poppycock