Sunday, 20 June 2021

On the High Street

 Sometimes people look for building, either a store or sim decor - I never knew about Mue before. The picture shows 2 of the building on offer at Vintage Fair, the event closes tomorrow and the builds will then be in their main store. So next time people are about  building - remember Mue. 

build on left - Laurel Place by Mue @ Vintage Fair

build on right - Stonecroft Manor by Mue @ Vintage Fair

The ''all in one'' Holiday

 lounger - Isla Pool Loungers @ Granola

table beside lounger with all items on it - Summer Clutter Books by Disorderly @ Summerfest

table with umbrella, stools, glass, beach clutter, champagne tray - Nautical Bar Set by KraftWork @ Summerfest

ice cream stand with all items inside & sign on pole - Homemade Ice Cream Set by Serenity Style @ Summerfest

bar with all items on  and  bar stools - Palisades Bar @ What Next

palm trees - Royal @ Little Branch

surfboard stand - Rent A Surfboard @ Pitaya

surf shop - Sea Salt & Sunshine  @ Granola

builds at the back - Ocean Drive @ Versov

beach - Pebble Beach @Studio Skye 

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Back in the day .....

 pattern wall panel/ posters - Groovy by Atelier Burgundy  @ Vintage Fair

mirror - Retro Flower by Simply Shelby @ Vintage Fair

chair  - Vintage Egg by Simply Shelby @ Vintage Fair

bar with all items on it - Fifties Cocktail by Finn @ Vintage Fair

music cabinet - Vintage Media Concole @ Dutchie

rug - Electro Boho @ ChiMia

plants  hanging on left wall - 3 Pack @ Tarte

plants hanging on right wall - Though pack @ Ariskea

dog - Boho Borzoi @ Foxwood

Thursday, 17 June 2021

I met a friend on holiday

skin (LeLu EvoX) Sienna 35 by Amara Beauty @ UniK

hair - I0414 @ Tram

top. pants, sarong - Francoise by MOoH! @ Vintage Fair

bird - Parrot Adult by Rezz Room @ Kustom 9

Nearly that time again

 get in the hair fair group quick  so you can grab demos and start making a list of all the hair you want to buy 

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

The Family Home

 fireplace and all items on/ sofa/ chairs/ rug/ table & items on - Eloise by  Dreamland Designs @ Vintage Fair

piano - Nicola @ Chez Moi

unit in corner - Blissful @ Apple May

plant all from Mithral

dogs - Basset Hound @ Rezz Room

wall art - Picture Gallery @ What Next

Ready !

I’ll submit to your will,
make me swallow it all.
Spoil every inch of me,
slap me raw.
Fill me with your poison,
say you love me the most.
Don't throw me away,
hold me close.
Yank my hair back,
squeeze my throat.
Puncture me deep,
leave me soaked.

 belt & bra - Chastity by Salt & Pepper @ Kinky Event

hair - Bunny by Truth @ Vintage Fair

skin (lelu evox head) Cassidy Mixed @ DeeTaleZ

tattoo - Bailey by Endless Pain @ Vintage Fair

Monday, 14 June 2021

Living off grid

 build - Trinity Cabin @ Scarlet Creative

garland - Sunflower @ Half Deer

fence - Grunge @ Celeste

garden bed - Carrots @United InshCon  

bike - Sunflower @ What Next

bench with all items on - Forest Gatherer @ Crate

goats dotted around - Pygmy @ HEXtraordinary

owls - Barn @ HEXtraordinary

goat climbing off to the right - Kid @ TLC Animated Animals

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Summer Pop

 skin - Cassidy  Mixed @ DeeTaleZ

hair - Electric Youth by Exile @ Vintage Fair

bubblegum by Pink Fuel - I bought this on MP 

top & shorts - Moon Glow by Entice @ Vintage Fair

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside

trees - Wild Exotics Umbrella Palm @ Heart

 pool/ wall flags on pool and build/ aqua, peach, camel, blue pillows/ pink, yellow, green, copper, blue, orange jar lamps / pineapple dog bed with doggy/ lounger - Sunnyside Gacha by Chez Moi @ The Arcade

build/ 3 orange swimming tubes/ umbrellas - The Beach Shop @ Serenity Style

basket with bats & balls - Pool Games Basket @ Merak

basket with balls & tubes - Pool Balls @ Merak

basket with slippers - Pool Amenities @ Merak

towel rack - Pool Towels @ Merak

wall art - Mermaid Lounge  @ Bueno

coloured buoy lights - Glass @ Trompe Loeil

Friday, 11 June 2021

The Shopper

dress - Studio NY Bianca by Poeme @ Vintage Fair

hair - Bunny by Truth @ Vintage Fair

necklace -  80's by Undertied @ Vintage Fair

bag - Aino @ C'est La Vie

skin - Cassidy  Mixed @ DeeTaleZ

Holiday Chillin'

 fire - Varn by Goose @ Cosmo

hanging chairs - Camilla @ Granola

tables - Peaceful Peacock @ Crate

cooler - Camper @ What Next

tray on table/ teapot/ open pineapple pots/ closed pineapple pots/ black pillows/ white pillows/ pineapple pillows/ monstera pillow - Hello Summer Gacha @ Broken Arrows

pergola - Waterside @ Goose

large leaf grass - Palms @ Cubic Republic

palms - Lipstick @ Little Branch

tall trees - Agarwood @ Little Branch

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

English Country Garden

baby buddha/ chairs/ tiles on ground/ planters/ stone table with all on/ gazebo - Les Memoires Gazebo Set by DaD @ Uber

grass - Natoma @ Konoha (must have pack)

wall - Cobble Stone @ Fundati

tree to right - Orange @ Little Branch

other trees - Street Bitch by Little Branch @ TMD

shrubs in distance - @ HPMD

cottage - Woodland Dreams Gacha @ Dust Bunny

Monday, 7 June 2021

Blowing up the past and leaving it behind

 forehead lines LeL EvoX @ Izzie's 

frown lines  LeL EvoX @ Izzie's 

fresh cuts around head  - Transfigure @ Rekt Royalty                                                                                 (this is made for older LeLu head to be either side of mouth)

hairbase - LuLu ExoX @ Tableau Vivant

 skin (lelu EvoX)  - Alix  10 by Amara Beauty @ Cosmo

hoop earring - Kimia @ Maxi Gossamer

nose ring - Ahavah @ Shi

piercing across chest -  Iridas @ Wicca's Originals

top - Verigo by Avec Toi @ Uber

shorts - Harley @ AsteriodBox

Sunday, 6 June 2021

Hiding place

 trees - Wild Shingle Oak @ Little Branch

windmill/ fence with lights/ water pump/ wooden tub  -Millcreek by Raindale @ The Arcade

washing line - Washing Trough by 22769 @ TLC

build - chair/ planters/ laundry ladder - Aime Tiny Carriage  @ Scarlet Creative

grass with yellow flowers - Natoma @ Konoha

daisies - Leucanthemum @ Konoha

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Friday, 4 June 2021

Country Life

sink unit / cookies, biscuits, bread tins - Vintage Kitchen Bench by DJ.SF  @ Cosmopolitan

pig basket/ cow basket/ chicken basket, cutting boards with 2 toned pig/ farmhouse sign/ yellow utensil holders - Farm Kitchen by Broken Arrows @ The Arcade

unit in corner with all items shown/ salt shaker with pink flower/ blue jar/ pink jar/ mint tool pitcher/ food cover & dishclothes/ 2 tier tray on floor/ long tray on bench  - Blooming Farm Kitchen Gacha @ Serenity Style

wall rack - Pots @ Hive

stove - Rustic @ Scarlet Creative 

tray will all items on table/ Biscotti - Coffee Time @ What Next

table & bench - Holyoke  @ Apple Fall

build - Positano Farmhouse @ DaD

Thursday, 3 June 2021

The Good Life

 build - La Petite Ferme @ Hisa

trees - Beake Hazelnut @ Little Branch

chicken on barrel/ chicks in crate/ chicks with mum/ chicken on broken pots/ chicken with sunflowers/ chicken on sign - Chicken Gacha @ TLC Animated Animals

dog - Parson Russel Terrier @ TLC Animated Animals

garden shed with all items inside/ spinach planter/ trunk clutter - Garden Shed Unit by KraftWork @ Uber

pose & prop (flowers, some grass, fence, beehive) - Flowers & Bees @ Hazeel

grass - Natoma @ Konoha

path - Trails of Kitamachi by  Konoha @ Cosmo