Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Without me

Once in thought
I was nonexistent
everything was normal
without me
just the way
it was meant to be.
Erased from
everyone's memory
it was all about only them
nothing affected me.
With minor differences
one chair less
all was good
just the way
it was meant to be
without me.

head (lelutka) & body layer - Sachiko @ Amara Beauty
earrings & necklace - Lilah  by Cae @ FaMESHed
hair - Vigil @ Stealthic
dress with belt - Janine by Maai  @ TLC

Monday, 1 June 2020

My friend and I

My friend and I went exploring for a while. I love to sim hop and see what new things are happening. Sometimes I event find old things that for some reason I never knew about before. I have started to take a friend with me now that animesh is a thing. I love walking around  and having a dog jump about  and run with me. There are some amazing sims around and open for us all to visit. 

pose - Drifting @ LW Bento Poses
hair - Nala @ Knox
head(lelutka) & body layer  - Sachiko Fair @ Amara Beauty
top - Erin @ C'est La Vie
skirt - Brielle @ The Annex
sandals - Capri  @Ingenue
dog - Shiba Uinu Adult Animesh by Rezz Room @ Uber
sim - Florence at Low Tide

Sunday, 31 May 2020


To understand another person, 
you must swim in the same waters
that drowned them

swimsuit - Switch (interactive changing from dry - wet) @ Salt& Pepper
hair - Raven  (interactive from dry  - wet ) @ Mina
head (lelutka) and body layer - Sandy @ Amara Beauty

Saturday, 30 May 2020

Special memories

My hairdresser was meant to get married a few weeks ago. Each time I got my hair cut she would tell me about her plans. Carriages, entertainers, fireworks, massive country house taken over for the weekend so everyone could stay and party. All cancelled. Must have been heartbreaking - at least at first. After many tears she has come up with a new idea that seems so much more her.
Event when lockdown get easier, it will still be small groups so the massive wedding could never happen this year. So she has been planning a small, more romantic wedding. Rather than just booking the best on offer she has had to take time and think about it more. She has found it more personal to them. Little things that already feels more important and special. 
Family will be there and the rest will zoom in. She cuts my hair but is also my friend. I can not wait to zoom in on the day and see something so much more beautiful than what was planned before.
Maybe some good things will come out of this horrid time

tall trees - Wild Oak *season change, animated* by Little Branch  @ Uber
wooden path - Path of Hope @ Goose
chairs/ arch/ background/ light arch/ trust me  sign/ table with food on/ cotton candy table - The Happiest Day @ Ionic
balloons - Heart Cluster @ Nomad
drinks trolley with items on - Graphic Lounge @ 22769
fencing - Lighted Pallet Wall @ Tarte

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Modern or Traditional

Are you all gadgets and only use the latest thing. Or do you love the way things used to be. I love my PC, there are gadgets I would own if I could afford them but I still love some old things. Mainly books, I adore the smell of a new book. The sound as you open it for the first time, turning the page to find out what comes next.
Even with clothes, I love watching the catwalks to see what is coming, looking at designers collections to see what they are making next season, but I adore vintage. I love the style of it all. I love  modern furniture but I also love vintage. 
If I had loads of money I get the feeling my house would  be a hot mess all mixed up.

shoes - Elodie @ Ingenue
hair - Chiffon @ Stealthic
top - Kelsey by Little Fox @ Tres Chic
skirt -- Kelsey by Little Fox @ Tres Chic
head(catwa) & body layer - Sadie Pale @ League
pose & prop Writes Block - First Lines (props are - typewriter, papers, glass, glasses) @ Le Poppycock
desk - Jones @ ChiMia
chair - Jones  @ ChiMia
run - Electro  @ ChiMia
phone - Retro @ ChiMia
shelving - Old Country Crate Stack  @ ChiMia
poster - Japan  @ ChiMia
books - Book Basket  @ ChiMia
laptop - Tap That App @ Peaches
planner - Resolutions Clutter @ Peaches
parrot - Blue & Gold @ TLC Animated Animals
bag - Leather decor @ MudHoney
old books - Soul Collector's @ Nutmeg
star - Falling light @ Apple Fall 
planter on floor - Boobies @ Granola
personal assistant - Resolutions Clutter @ Peaches
plant on stand - Rubber @ What Next

Wednesday, 27 May 2020

The story was hers

Her story wasn't pretty
Nothing fit for fairy tales,
but it as real.
It was life.
It was hers.

dress - Buwan  by Kaithleen's @ FetishFair
hair - Marie @ Knox
tattoo - Sweet Florals @ Rainbow Sundae
head (catwa) & body layer - Sadie @ League
pose - If Only @ Luanes  World

City Summer

backdrop - El Patio Building Scene  by Serenity Style  @ Uber
  (comes with wires/ bucket/ washing line/ light coloured bin)
decking - Wooden Path @ Reid 
 fencing - Simple Multi @ Yugen
grass squares with flowers option - Greenbury @ Raindale
bench - Malenfant  @ Raindale
birdbath - Nona @ Granola
table and chairs/ planting under right window - Here Comes The Sun @Hideki
garden fork with planting (hanging and ground options) - Rustic Garden by DaD Designs  @ Uber
garden spade with planting  (hanging and ground options) - Rustic Garden by DaD Designs  @ Uber
hanging watering can with lighting  (hanging and ground options) - Rustic Garden by DaD Designs  @ Uber
group of tin bins with planting  - Rustic Garden by DaD Designs  @ Uber

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

My #1 rule on how to pick a dog

I have a simple way to decide what kind of dog to get - never get a dog that poops more than you are willing to lift.  You have to be willing to carry poo bags and clean up after your dog. You must then take that  bag and either find a bin or take it home and put it in the bin.  This is one reason why I adore  Great Danes but will only ever have one in SL and never RL.  

dog - Great Dane (animesh and static options) by Rezz Room @ Man Cave
top - Eve by AsteroidBox @ N21
jeans - Shipped @ Vinyl
hair - Riley @ Magika

Monday, 25 May 2020

New kid in town

I get nervous when people as me if I would  blog something before I ever get a chance to see it. More nervous when it is their first release so I have nothing to go on and no store to go try on demos.
I was 99% sure it would be ok when I heard who the person was behind the brand. I knew she had been working for a few years, learning the craft. 
Now I am 100% excited to see more from this store. You can  try this dress for yourself over at Uber and keep an eye out for more from AVEC TOI.
 Remember to team it up with great skin and hair !

latex dress - Stormy By AVEC TOI @ Uber
hair  - Olivia @ Exile
earrings - AngelWings @ Maxi Gossamer
pose - Paris Nights @ Gingerfish
catwa head layer - Shelby @ Session

body layer -  Tone 01 (with cleavage add on layer)  @ Session
eyeshadow - Jennie Liner by Veechi @ N21
lips - Zoe Matte @ Izzie's

Sunday, 24 May 2020


She's underappreciated,
And under rested.
She's overtired,
And overworked
She keeps going and going
But not on her own terms
There’s always something that needs to get done
And it's up to her to do it
What she wants to do
Keeps getting put on hold-
Things that she needs to do
Take a number and wait in line
She feels empty
But yet there's hope
That keeps peeking through
For as long as she has a heart
She can dream
She can escape
She can live 

pose - Bombshell @ West End
hair - Thieves Like Us @ Lamb
jacket, tank top, tube top - Rumi @ Lunar on MP
head (lelutka) layer - Flora @ DeeTalez
body layer - Mixed @ DeeTalez
toilet and shelves - Juniper @ Peaches
sink - Splish Splash @ E.Marie
mirror - Splish Splash @ E.Marie
toothbrush holder - Lauren @ Dust Bunny

Saturday, 23 May 2020!

Claim me...
Pour your dark desires over me.
Command me...
Wield your power to arouse me.
Discipline me...
Make the need to please you overwhelm me.
Possess me...
Let your dominance consume me.

head (lelutka) & body layer - Sandy, beige @ Amara Beauty
top & panties - Bridget by Narcisse @ Cosmo
hair - Just For One Night @ Exile
pose - Time @ Luanes World 
bed - Sophie @ Refuge

Friday, 22 May 2020

Saving Grace

Things were so much easier then..
before the world sank its teeth into her.
Sometimes she longed for those days...
a return to innocence

shoes - Bridget Lace @ Gos
stockings - Wide Lace Thigh @ Luxuria
top - Jamie Sweater Dress @ Narcisse
hair - Stellar @ Lamb
wheelbarrow - Wasp @ Serenity Style
pose - Wild & Free @ Foxcity

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Game of Life

Life is meant to be like a game of Chess. I can't play Chess so maybe that is how  I ended up as I am. Life is more like a game of Snakes and Ladders for me - only problem is I dropped down the biggest snake. I tried to use a ladder to get up again but it fell down and smacked me on the head !

bench & lantern - Umbrella Bench Set by Goose @ Cosmo
trees with bending trunk - Amber Ghost Maple by Little Branch @ Man Cave
grass comes in tree pack - both tree and grass has 4 options
other tree by gate  - Elm Shrub @  Little Branch
wall and gateway - Glasbury @ Serenity Style
ivy comes  as part of a decor set @ DaD
gazebo - Happily Ever After @ Raindale
statues - Garden Nymph @ 22769
complete game set & board - Chess Outdoor set @ Serenity Style
birds - Pigeons @ Anc

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Find Your Peace

When the world gets too loud
for you to hear your own thoughts,
turn it off.
When the violence grows
and the fear bubbles over,
turn it off.
When the pain of a nation
weighs too heavy on your heart,
turn it off.
When your heart starts to race
at the thought of tomorrow,
turn it off.
When the words in the air
grow to heavy to bear,
turn it off.
When your dreams are overtaken
by death and despair,
turn it off.
When it's too hard to find beauty
in this world anymore,
turn it off.
When you have no more strength
to hold up your head,
turn it off.
Find that inner peace.

eyeshadow layer - Gemma @ Veechi
head (lelutka) & body layer - April Tone 02 @ Session
dress - Abella by Meva @ Cosmo
necklace - Satine @ Real Evil
hair - Shamiya @ Doux

Monday, 18 May 2020

Wave to the neighbours

tray sitting on table and all items on it - Spring Exquisite @ Aphrodite
table & chairs (comes with colour.wood changes/lights & off ) Allington @ Raindale
buckets with flowers in - Crocus @ Nomad
backdrop - Neighbourhood @ Foxcity

Cats Choir

I can not sing in tune, I sound terrible but I don't care. I get my headset on, turn that music up. I forget myself and sing along,  I just need to remember to close the window !.

hair - Phoebe @ Magika
tattoo - Sweet Music @ Rainbow Sundae
head (lelutka) layer - Madline  (can tint the eye and lip layer)@ DeeTaleZ 
body (maitreya) layer - Mixed )@ DeeTaleZ 
top & skirt - Pamela by ChiModa @ FaMESHed
pose & prop - Out Loud @ Diversion  (cat has moved arm place)
cat - European Cat Baby Animesh by Rezz Room @ Equal 10

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Lockdown Life

When I see this stuff  it felt right to blog it. Nothing in SL shows how life is in RL right now more than this. Most living in a small (ish) space. Trying to relax, work, keep in touch with friends and family. Needing to exercise  but ending up over eating and laying around reading books.
Some countries are opening up more than others. Whatever your country is doing - stay safe, stay health, wear a  mask and keep washing those hands. We will beat this thing just as we have with any other virus that has  happen, for now, we need to be careful.

dogs - Quirky Corgis @ Mutresse
wall book shelf - Tree @ Sway's
sliver wreath on wall - Mexico Butterfly Ring @ Barley
plants and stands  all @ Mithral
table - Rowan @ What Next
rug - Madame Gypsy @ Circa
wall art - Spring Will Come - At Home Gacha @ Ionic
sofa- Tie To Relax - At Home Gacha @ Ionic
food - Time For Lemon Cake - At Home Gacha @ Ionic
bowl with candles - Time To Meditate  - At Home Gacha @ Ionic
weights on wall - Time To Exercise - At Home Gacha @ Ionic
chair - Spring  - At Home Gacha @ Ionic
work station - Time To Call Loved Ones - At Home Gacha @ Ionic
build/skybox - I Stay Home - At Home Gacha @ Ionic

Friday, 15 May 2020

Cactus Bar

I love visiting sims and seeing how creative people are setting up  different parts. Walking around streets, I find it interesting how little parts are taken over to create  bars, homes,  diners etc...  So I thought I would have a go at  creating something like this myself. Its a fun process, having to think differently.  Thought I have to say, using items from  a Hideki set did most of the job for me. 

man on left - Darling George @ The Silas Gallery (gacha machines on ground floor) 
other  people - Mesh (on MP ) @ YoYo
phone on wall - Retro @ Serenity Style
neon art - Cactus @ Kunst
catus wall art - Pixel @ Astara
open sign - Neon @ Your Dreams 
bottles on shelf - Vintage @ Consignment
cactus in planter - Team Cast Iron @ unKindness
cactus on table - Marquee @ Tarte
bar sign - Neon @ Z.O.E
tinsel curtain - Gold @ Nomad
bar & stools/ menu on ground/ retro bar sofa & table/ table and chairs on path/ musician set/sign on fence/  home/cafe building/ mailbox/ pigeon on fire hydrant - The Calm Before The Storm gacha  by Hideki @ Equal 10

Thursday, 14 May 2020

Shopping Local

One thing I have found easier than some others is shopping for food at this time. The lines waiting to get into big food halls are so long I don't know how people do it. I have always been one to shop at small local stores. I like a proper butchers, a real fruit & veg store. The personal touch from a small corner store and stopping at a farm shop to buy direct. While nothing is easy for anyone  while coping with lockdown, I have found   my normal routine for food is working out easier than those I have spoken with who go to large stores. 
Shopping local is more important than ever right now. That small store you run to when you need to grab something, if you want to stand a chance of keeping it, then use it more. That money will stay local and help all those around you. We have to do whatever we can to support as much as we can. Only way we will ever survive this. 

top - Sage Knotted by Vinyl @ Equal 10
trousers - Warren Striped by Kaithleen's @ Equal 10
bag - Boho Hobo - Cool Tones @ Crate
shoes - Irina @Gos
hair - Yasim @ Exile
head (lelutka)& body (maitreya) layer - Madline - Mixed @ DeeTalez

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Friends reunited

A hairy ball of energy
Who loves to run and play,
Whose tricks and tomfoolery
Would brighten any day.

dog - German Shepherd Puppy @ Rezz Room
shoes - Sio @ Friday
hair with cap - Tarja by Mina @ FaMESHed
jacket (with top, not seen) Demin @ Kailtheen's
jeans - Sky Ripped @ Vinyl