Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Dear you, dear me, dear us....

Don't just sit, 
rise and pursue greatness.
Don't just watch
Go after what you want.
Don't just exist
Strive and start living.
Don't just dream
Work hard and aim for success.
Don't get tired
Keep hiking until you get to the peak.

top, leggings - Kelly by Aleutia @ FaMESHed

sneakers - Varric @ Bleich

skin (lelutka head) Luna / Olive by Amara Beauty @ UniK

hair - Penny by Lamb @ Collabor88

dog - Glam Greyhound @ Jian

backdrop - Bad Habits by Diversion @ TLC

pose - Bad Habits by Diversion @ TLC

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Work in progress

 house - Seabreeze @ Hisa

birds - 30 @ Cica's

trees - Red Leaf Shrub @ Little Branch

grass - Wild @ HPMD

pathway - Brick @ Love 

car - The Gardener @ DaD

bird bath - Evelyn @ Dahlia

bins with flowers on right side of house - Rustic Garden @ DaD

ladder & bucket Window Cleaner @ What Next

bike - Autumn @ What Next

planters - Drum red @ KraftWork

washing line & Tub - Stay Bumble @ Granola

birdhouse  on porch - Shalullah @ Maxi Gossamer

garden hose & reel - Vintage @ Hive

hats decor with hooks & stuff hanging - Fancy Straw @ DaD

rocking chair & planter - Porch Rocker @ Crate

swing seat - Willow @ Granola

tree shelf & items on - Ashton @ Sway's

dogs - Bloodhound Buddies by HEXtraordinary @ The Epiphany

It changed me

You showed me what it felt like to live again,
just to stand there and watch me die...again
It changed me
 flowers - Reflection by Tentacio @ Equal 10

eyeshadow - Kylie @ Veechi

lipstick in head hud

skin (lelutka head) Elsa Mixed by DeeTaleZ @ Collabor88

earrings & necklace - Erelah by Cae @ FaMESHed

top - Hard Cider Tube Top @ Vinyl

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Let's just sit on the porch, eat good food and relax

 rustic serving board, copper heating station, Italian serving board all on side console/ desserts serving board on table tray/ all food plates on table - Foodie Love  by KraftWork @ The Epiphany (opens 15th)

table/ chairs/ console sideboard/ napkins, plates stacks, finger food tray stand/ rug/ chandelier - Fete d'hiver @  KraftWork

side table - Butlers Tray @ Apple Fall

white stand with plant climber & lights option - Decorative Garden Obelisk by Goose @ Cosmopolitan

dresser - Welsh Vintage @ ChiMia

white flower arrangement on dresser - Cooler Planter with Peonies @  KraftWork

pink deer's on dresser - Porcelain @ Half Deer

all planters on dresser - Quirky @ Dust Bunny

all hanging planters etc @ Ariskea

build (using front porch ) Seabreeze @ Hisa

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Winter isn't over

 trees - Norway Spruce @ Little Branch

shrubs  -@ HPMD

grass - Winter @ Hisa

fence - Snow Birds @ Jian

path - Snow @ What Next

toadstool - Colour Change/snow option @ What Next

plates with food/ mug with napkin/ sledge tray with mugs on - Wintertime Coco & Cookie @ What Next

deer - Lilellune Winter @ SEmotion

teepee -  Cloudmond ( colour change option)  by Raindale @ Access

Monday, 11 January 2021

Dreams fade away

Still moving 
Still breathing
But not alive
Merely existing

top - Corey @ The Annex
shorts - Natalia by AsteriodBox @ Equal 10
boots - Ash Western @ Gos
hair - Xtal @ Lamb
pose - Leaning @ Diversion

Sunday, 10 January 2021

When you go I want you to stay

 hair - Beth by Monso @ FaMESHed 

bag - Mei @ C'est La Vie

jacket & top - Nele by Meva @ Itty Bitty Titty Committee

shoes - Signe Boots @ Ingenue

pants - Taylor @ The Annex

skin (lelutka head) Kim Europe @ DeeTaleZ

Classy clutter

skybox - Paname Apartment @ ChiMia

curtains - Sienna's American Pleat @ KraftWork

blind - Keating @ Ilorisen

lights over picture - Draped @ Tarte

picture - Acrylic Painting @ Ariskea

wardrobe with items in - Gentleman @ Serenity Style

mannequins - Erevan @ Serenity Style 

table under window - Clavichool Stool @ Fancy Decor

vase with flowers on table - Peony @ Vespertine

nightstand - Lexi @ Granola

suitcases - Luggage Set @ Bueno

bed & rugs - Les Memoires by DaD Designs @ Uber

clutter items scattered around are random things collected from many gachas

Friday, 8 January 2021

Hideaway and dream

skybox -Anna @ Scarlet Creative

rug - Rough Luxe  @ Scarlet Creative

bed/ shelf unit/  home sign/ 2 plants on top shelf - Couple Ottoman Set @ Goose

bubblegum heads - Riana @ Madras

item behind home sign - Flower Ball @ Madras

boxes on bottom shelf - Retracing Joy @ 8f8

light bulb - Neon @ Ilaya

cactus - Neon @ Ilaya

wall light fitting - Bar Lamp @ Mithral

tray with fruit & glasses - Blissful Copper @ Apple May

floor light - Highland Gold @ Scarlet Creative

plant by lamp - Brooklyn @ Scarlet Creative

stand with colourful pots - Kolkata  @ Madras

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Loft living

This is a cool skybox with a cool box of decor. Watch out for more pictures showing the skybox and decor more mixed with a few other amazing stores items.

 skybox  Anna @ Scarlet Creative

wardrobe - Venice @ Scarlet Creative

bed - Highlands Forest @ Scarlet Creative

radiator with items on - Highlands Forest @ Scarlet Creative

rug - Wool Booble  @ Scarlet Creative

chair by bed with items on - Rough Luxe @ Scarlet Creative

branches over bed - Twinkle @ Tarte

wall art - World Map @ Ilaya

hot water bottle - Lazy Days @ Dahlia

dress on hanger inside wardrobe  @ Dahlia

jewelry box on wall - Vintage Memories @ Dahlia

mirror on table - Dolled Up @ Dahlia

clock on table - Vintage Memories @ Dahlia

perfume bottle on table - Vintage Memories @ Dahlia

brushes on table - Dolled Up @ Dahlia

cupboard - Fall Blanket Curio @ Apple Fall

black cat -Clay @ Apple Fall

female bag/shoes/purse/hate, male bag/boots/hat - His & Her Vintage Collection @ Nutmeg

books & mags on floor @ Moss & Mink

bench at end of bed, tray and all items on it - Anna @ Granola

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Outside Oasis

 backdrop - The Garden Balcony @ Serenity Style

lights around top - Fae Lights @ Tia

hanging moon shape planter - Lunar ( white & yellow) @ Ariskea

hanging planters above swing seat - Devil Ivy & Bead Plant @ Pitaya

sofa /round table/tray on table with items on/ catus on table/ turkish lamp in corner/ moon decor&stars on wall - Amber Room Collection @ Crate

swing chair - Ndari @ Trompe Loeil

sink planter - Succulents @ DaD

man planter - Humanoid Pot @ Little Branch

stone bubblegum head - Riana @ Madras

dog - Shiba Inu Adult Animesh @ Rezz Room

Monday, 4 January 2021

One for the Album

Something I have said before and I am not sorry for saying it again - learn to print out your pictures. Remember to turn the camera on to the places and people and just your own face. Cuddle your pets and capture the moment.
A girl I know has all her wedding pictures on her laptop, she had always planned to print them out and make an album. What made her so lazy about it was having them on the screen and letting them scroll as she remembered the day, with smiles, laughter and a few tears as she sees faces no longer in this world. Her laptop is in the shop after it crashed. She is hoping they can save the pictures. She has promised herself the first thing will be to print every picture out and fix them all in albums. I hope she gets the chance.
What would you do if your PC got a virus and wiped everything, your phone broke and nothing was saved, are you relying on them being safe in a cloud hoping it lasts forever.
As a child I loved flicking over old albums and remembering, as an adult I have kept this going. Some call it old school, I call it being practical.  

dog - Pug Adult Animesh @ Rezz Room

hair with hat - Tinsley @ Exile

top - Leann @ The Annex

skirt - Carla @ The Annex

skin (genus head - Emma, European - By DeeTaleZ @ Anthem

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Some Days

I feel very small
like no matter how loud I cry
how many times I try
everyone looks over my head
and no one can hear me at all

shoes - Dani by Lybra @ Uber

hair - Garland @ Tableau Vivant

top - Candace @ The Annex

pants - Alice Capris @ The Annex

pose - Anemone - 1 @ Kopfkino 

skin - Whitney @ Amara Beauty

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Your name is forbidden

 when I think about you
I'll cry a little more,
hurt a little stronger
love a little softer
because you no longer
make me feel sober
I'm drunk on the
memory of you

catsuit & gloves - Jordan by Salt & Pepper @ Uber
hair - Shamiya @ Doux
skin (lelutka head)  Rita @ Amara Beauty
pose - Female pack 1 - 5 @ Kopfkino

Thursday, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year - I hope

People are happy to get rid of 2020 but really 2021 will be much harder, at least for a time. We still have the virus, now stronger and spreading faster. Masks are still needed. While we have a vaccine, it will take time to get it out to enough people to make any type of difference. Then comes the hard part when people look to see if they still have a job, who can afford their mortgage, the help governments are giving now will stop. Governments will look for ways to make cuts to pay back all the money spend. Depressing isn't it.
So what do we have to look forward to ?
We will hug each other again, family and friends will meet again, kids will get back to school and teens will hangout on street corners. Couples will go on dates and holidays will be a thing again.
I hope we will remember to be that little bit kinder, show more care, watch out for one another and take time to build each other up.
Whatever the future hold, my wish for each of you is strength and hope, never give up, never give in, never stop believing

hair - Joye @Mina

tights/ sweater/dress - Reya by Aleutia @ Uber

skin (lelutka head) Kim European @ DeeTaleZ

pose & prop - Sparks Fly - Delight @ Le Poppycock

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

When you wish upon a star...

I wish you for a festive time
I hope for you a happy time
I pray for you a peaceful time

snow @ Tart

star from a different pose set

backdrop - Winter's Night by Relmagined @ Pose Fair  (comes with options  including the tree/stump with poses for male and female)

pose - Snow Fall by Sex'i  @ Pose Fair 

hair - Rosemary Lamb @ FaMESHed

top - Crumbles Tee - @ Vinyl

tattoo - Swallows @ Carol G

skin (lelutka head) Addison Nodic @ DeeTaleZ (hunt gift)

Sunday, 20 December 2020

Christmas at Grandmas

tree with train / 3 nutcracks/ wooden angels on mantel/ parcels @ MOoH!

festive stockings @ Noveny

santas -@ MishMish

armchair/ sign above fireplace/ string lights at windows/ gold snowflake/ tree of biscuits on table - Mistleflake by Raindale @ The Arcade

rocking chair - Dreamy Winter by Yugen @ Epiphany

toy village - Granny's Winter Cottage @ 8f8

rug - part of the Grasmere Collection @ KraftWork

table - Zataku @ Yugen

tiered coco tray @ Dust Bunny

gingerbread cottage @ Dust Bunny

gingerbread men on table - Cuties  @ MishMish

cat on chair - Cranky Old St. Tinkleton @ HEXtraordinary

Playing in a winter wonderland

build - Pine View Cabin by Hisa @ Tres Chic
coloured lights on build - Christmas @ Hive
tall trees - StreetBanyan by Little Branch @ Man Cave
wreath on door  - Winter Elegance @ Circa
snowman - Nordic Winter @ Circa
grass /grass with shrubs @ Hisa
tree stump/ mushrooms/ blue flowers/ bare trees - Dreamy Winter by Yugen @ Epiphany
giant snowballs/ wooden sign/ blackbird in top hat - The Winter Keeper @ Serenity Style
sled with bears  - Little Christmas Workers by  DaD @ FaMeshed 
chipmunks dressed up - Christmas Cuties by Sorumin @ Tannenbaum

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Christmas memories

 wreath - Christmas Crown @ Noveny

trees decor on table - Wooden @ Simply Shelby

snowglobes - by 22769 @ The Arcade

cats in hall - Kitty Choir @ Nomad

leather bag in doorway - Soul Collector @ Nutmeg

lamp on table - Fairy Cottage @ KraftWork

glasses in case on table - Mint @ MudHoney

round table - Books @22769

all pictures on walls/ chair.rug/mug on round table/ other table/ cats under table/ candle in holder/ corner unit with all items on/ hall hooks with coat and bag on it -  by Hideki @Equal 10