Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Like us..................

Women like us rise above certain incidents and decide to heal ourselves,
our insistence on joy is a threat to those who devalued us

hair with hat - Carian @ Mina
necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet  - Reese by Cae @ FaMESHed
lelutka head applier - Cora @ DeeTeleZ
body applier Mixed @ DeeTeleZ
pose - BackPose  4 @ Templar

You can do it

Always be the better person.
Make your intentions pure.
What and who you are is what you'll attract.
Pain is inevitable and it will always exist,
but if you focus on understanding what you are feeling
and why you are feeling it,
you will overcome it.

dog - German Shepherd Animesh by Rezz Room Access 
pose & prop -  Shipwreck'Off the Coast'' @ Le Poppycock
hair - Lucy @ Magika
pants  - Beck by Lunar @ Equal 10
top with bralette, jacket - Beck by Lunar @ Equal 10
genus head applier - Sage @ Session 
body applier Tone 00 @ Session

Saturday, 15 February 2020

What if............

What if we stopped complaining and feeling hurt
 and instead found freedom in knowing 
we can choose happiness always....
choose to be a warrior instead of a victim 
in every circumstance.

hair - Incontro @ Ade
top  - Esme by AsteroidBox @ Kustom9
genus head applier - Sage @ Session
body applier - Tone 00 @ Session
pose - Vixen by Templar @ Men/Women Jail

Is this the end......

Walks on the beach, watching the sunset. Setting out the picnic, listening while he crowed on about the future. Holiday is over. Thought he would at least come and see me before my train leaves. Will I ever see my crow again or is this sweater with his picture on all I have to remember him by.

top - Rupture Hoodie by Vinyl @ Equal 10
catwa head applier - Dacia @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
hairbase - Angel  @ Mina
pose & prop @ Shi Poses

Friday, 14 February 2020


Whatever your plans are today, be happy and enjoy. Should it be with one you love in RL or SL (or both), or if it is on your own.  Be happy you are with the one you love - or be happy you didn't settle and either happy being single or waiting for the right person. 

door/fencing , hay bale, milk jugs with roses by doors - Fall in Love Gate @ Serenity Style
all bears - I Love U Beary Much by MOoH! @ Gacha Garden
chairs with items on  - items on table - Amora Collection  by Granola  @ Cupid Inc
cafe stand and all items on it - Ontario Cocoa Stand by Barley @N21
path stones -  Heart Paving @ What Next

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Love on a budget

If someone has plenty of money and buys a gift for the one they love, does it mean more than the person with very little who plans out something special. 
Home made dinner, table set out, then a place to snuggle while looking up at the stars. It might seem like love on a budget, but if you have someone who loves you enough to plan that out, you are rich.

build - Old Peasant House by Serenity Style @ Enchantment
sign on roof - True Love by Raindale @ Enchantment
robot - Archy @ Serenity Style
balloons - Heart @ Nomad
bouquet - La Vie en Rose  @ Serenity Style
roses on table - La Vie en Rose  @ Serenity Style
mattress on pallets & pallet wall with lights - Pallets & Mattress Set by Goose @ Cosmopolitan
ladder with lights - Littlevale @ Raindale
grass - Meadow Spring @ Raindale
confetti on ground - Hearts @ Nomad
candles on ground - Twinklespark @ Raindale
table & chairs - Dining by Cinoe @ Enchantment
plates on table  - Flower & sea by Cinoe @ Enchantment
mason jars set around - Sparkle Jars @DISORDERLY
record player - Bailey @ What Next
stack stool that has record player on, chandelier, plant hanger, bins & boxes stacked with plants on - Junkyard Art  by Crate @ TLC

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Sing it out

you can not always be happy
but you ca always be brave
and that is the beginning
of everything

hair - H1116 @ Tram
necklace & cuffs - Lasting by Cae @ FaMESHedX
dress - Sweetie by Lybra @ Cupid Event
catwa head applier - Dacia @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ
pose & prop - Brigth Ideas - Rock Star by Le Poppycock @ TLC
rat - Unusually Large Rodent by HEXtraordinary @ Enchantment
piano - Grand@ Lisp

The seagulls kept picking on him

My friend (the crow) is on a winter break at the beach, Sady Banks laughed at the idea, but really, crows need a holiday just like the rest of us. I decided to go with him for a walk , let him sit on my shoulder so the gulls cant get at him. They laughed at him too, the wee bullies.

hair  - Irene @ Magika
jacket & top - Winter Denim @ Kaithleen's
catwa head applier - Julie @ Session 
body applier - Tone 01 @ Session 
pose & prop - Shadowland @ Fashiowl

Monday, 10 February 2020

You don't have to say you love me.............

I see your wounds where others can’t.

I see the heaviness in each breath you take.
I see the hooded, guarded look in your eyes.
I see you wandering aimlessly through the pain of your life.
You think and believe you are alone but trust me you are not.
I see you giving support and love to others despite your own trauma
                                      Kate Masters

chair - Livy @ Refuge
pose - Carefree @ Foxcity
catwa head applier - Julie @ Session
body applier - Tone 01@ Session
hair - Giulia @ Mina
top & skirt - Fiona (group gift) @: Salt & Pepper
tattoo - Intense @ Carol G

Sunday, 9 February 2020

I did it my way........and I will keep doing it like that

I  blog what I like, I have tried to please people by doing stuff I kinda hated but I struggled so I stopped that crap. My taste isn't the same as yours. What I will blog and how I will blog is is not the same as you would do it. Many have looked at my blog posts and hated them, I know this because of the many rejections I get from blogger apps. I also know others like  my blog because of the views it gets daily. A few have commented, many more have contacted me and shared their thoughts. I have even went to stores with people to help them find the item they seen in my picture and wanted to buy.  
All bloggers feel down at times, we get miffed at who gets picked when we didn't. We get miffed at wanting some things but not able to afford it all. Wishing we could take pictures like others. I have talked to bloggers on different levels and they all have the same grumbles. 
On the other side, I have to pick a team from apps and that means rejecting others. I hate that part because I know how it feels and I am making others feel that way. There is only so much space on a team and each team looks for different things. Some are brilliant for one thing I do but never would get into my other team. Such is life if you want to be a blogger in SL. 
Blogging is a hobby, a hobby has to be fun, it is not  like you are going to make money from SL blogging. If anything it costs money even when given review items. The key is to keep it fun and getting in a blogger team is a bonus. When on a team, show respect  and blog the things properly, making sure they can be seen.
 If you want to leave the team, let them know it is time to move on before going. Morals and how you conduct yourself is as important in SL as it is in RL. Things like that matter, you can take amazing pictures and get rejected because you have a bad reputation. 
I might not have blogged stores you like, items you like, posed them in the way you like, but that's ok, I did it my way.

necklace - Jessica @ Maxi Gossamer
hair with hat - Britt @ C'est La Vie
jacket with top - Ellie by MOoH! @ Sinners and Saints 
shoes - Lollie Sneakers @ Ingenue
jeans - Shipped @ Vinyl
lelukta (evo) head applier - Cora @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
earrings - Paint by Boutique #187#  TLC

small easel on floor, yellow journal, chalk boxes -Table Easel Set by Solus  @ TLC
pencil room divider - from Artsy Dining Set by Kei Spot TLC
other items bought randomly on weekend sale days - great for buying clutter stuff

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Lets get this show on the road

coffee cup - On The Go @ Hive
necklace - Lucca @ Maxi Gossamer
hair - Alison @ Astrology
outfit - Juniper by Meva @ FaMESHed
lelutka head applier - Sofia @ Session
body applier Tone 2 @ Session
pose - Cold Little Heart @ GingerFish

Friday, 7 February 2020

Don't judge my weekend

If posts to Instagram, Facebook (and any of those other places post to)  people are all out partying, having the best weekend - living the dream. Ever wonder how much is real and how much was just that tiny second when the camera snapped.  Well, my weekend will not have me dressing up, hair done and out to party. I doubt very little of it will have me not wearing PJs. It will involve dog walks, telly, SL and snacks. The same as many others. I just wish RL had SL sliders so I could look like this when picking ups supplies. 

dress - Viola by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
hair - Amora @ Astrology
lelutka (evo) head applier - Cora @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ
pose - Spitfire by Templar  @ Look Event
all shop stands @ Minimal

....but I have what I need

She has started
to smile when her path is spinning
to laugh when life grabs at her ankles
pulling like dead weight.
She has started
to trust in the ways of the world
to release her hold on what she cannot control
heartache, hurt, change.
She has started
to realise that her body is beautiful,
her mind strong, her feet on steady ground.
She has found
the only thing holding her back
is the doubt in her own mind.

dress - Zaya by Faida @ WLRP
hair - HO827 @ Tram
lelutka (evo) head applier - Cora @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ
pose - Queen Bee @Le Poppycock
bucket with clothes in - Washing - by Old Treasures
table, stool, settle - Highland Tavern @ Nacht
pot, lid, tripod - Peasant Meal @ Half Moon Market
build - Lacrimosa Skybox @ Candle and Cauldron

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Let Me Be Free

Let me fly away from ........
my mistakes
people I've hurt
people who want to hurt me
the prison in my mind
my thoughts
my fears
Let me break the chains that tie me to my past
Let me be free

pose & prop - Shadowland @ Fashiowl 
hair - Angelina @ Exile
top - Victoria Lace Bustier by Vinyl @ Kustom9
skirt - Myself Boho  @ Vinyl 
lelutka (evo) head applier - Cora @ DeeTalez
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTalez

Come chill with me

This style is more American than British, I wish they built houses like this here. The idea of sitting out on the porch is dreamy. Give me a rocking chair and my knitting, some music playing. Watching a few dogs run and play - perfection. 
Best part about this house in SL,  it is perfect for those changing their land to spring, this house begs for plants and flowers but when winter comes again, just pop on the snow add on and there is nothing more to do.
While landscaping it is worth using stuff from Little Branch, with one touch you can change you tree to whatever season  it is. Saves a ton of work having to keep lifting stuff and rebuilding. Spend more time enjoying the space with people that mean something to you.

house - Southern Cottage @ DaD  Designs
trees on right - Juniper by Little Branch @ Uber
potted trees at front of house - Birch @ Little Branch 
buckets with flowers in on steps - Crocus @ Nomad
cat planter at front door - Tye Dye @ Simply Shelby
all other plant pots by Circa
statues at front of house - Garden Nymph @ 22769
swing seat - Willow @ Granola
chairs - Porch seats @ Ariskea
wooden table & chairs - Thornmoor @ Raindale

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

I need to get out of here

That's the reality of a one night stand.

It only last one night, 
the next morning you're standing alone 
asking yourself why you do it.

wall light - Quatrefoil Sconce @ What Next
table - Industrial @ 22769
plant pot - Industrial @ 22769
floor lamp - Iron Leaf - @ 22769
bed - Roanna @ Trompe Loeil
man in bed - mesh people on marketplace YoYo
pose & prop - After Dinner Delight by Image Essentials @ Sinners and Saints event (opens 8th Feb)
lelutka (evo) head applier - Cora @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
bodysuit - Josie by Narcisse @ Kinky

Monday, 3 February 2020

Hi, I’m lost.

And even though I will continuously ask someone to find me
And even though I will continuously whine about trying to be found
I would rather be lost

dog - English Bulldog @ Rezz Room
outfit - Linda by Belle Epoque @ FaMESHed
hair with hat - Tini @ Foxy
lelutka head applier - Astrid @ Session
body applier - Tone 01 @ Session
eyebrows - @ Izzie's
pose - Breezy @ Foxcity

Sunday, 2 February 2020

I am not, I am...

I am not everything that has happened to me,
I am everything I became while I healed.
Stronger but softer.
Focused but not obsessed
A teacher but still a student.
I am not broke,
I am beautiful.
I am a survivor

backdrop - Fake Love @ BellePoses
pose  - Pose Me Wall by Image Essentials @: Designer Showcase
outfit - Pheny Jumper by Meva @Cosmo
necklace - True Hearts @ Maxi Gossamer
hair - Yen by Olive @ N21
lelutka (evo) head applier - Cora @ DeeTaleZ
body  tone - Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Last Snow

I got a note card  letting me know the sim I live on is being changed to spring. So I guess this is the last fall of snow.  I am not complaining, I am bloody lucky and I know it.  I have a perfect spot  to put any house I like and do what I want with it. The whole sim gets changed each season and it do not cost me a bean. I do  not deserve  such kindness from my lovely friend who owns the space, but I am so grateful for it. Now to run around and enjoy the different sims before they all change , though I do wish at least one would remain forever snow, maybe even add some of the stuff in the picture to the land.

bench, lamp on ground, swing - Snow Covered @ Goose
tree - Greenford (seasons)  @ Little Branch
foxes - Red Fox @ Rezz Room
fence - Snowy @ The Looking Glass

Friday, 31 January 2020

Can I curl up now

Something I hear often from Slers is the struggle with time zones. To many of us sit up far to late into the night and then struggle the next day to wake up. That is if we even got some sleep. I have been trying to tackle this head on as it got out of hand. It was to the point I wanted to go to bed at 7am in the morning which meant so much of the day would be lost. I kept on going that day until I could stand up no more. So this week I have been making sure if I am not in bed by midnight I go  no matter what I am doing.  It has been brilliant in such a short space of time. So if you are facing the same problem, deal with it  as soon as you can. To be in SL at night means you are not living your RL during the day

bed, side table with everything on it, bed under the window  - all part of the Spring Joy bedroom set.  @ Aphrodite
rugs - Emily's @ Kalopsia
sign over bed - @ Hive
picture on the left - Perfume Art @ Acorn
mirror - Madame Gypsy @ Circa
shelf - Aries @ Elm
chair - Clara @ Silence
window blind - Austrian @ OIP
build - Palette Skybox @ KraftWork