Saturday, 8 August 2020

No pain no gain

Will I be,
A prima ballerina,
Will I get that far,
By 19?
Will the world be my stage,
Will I dance every day,
Will I be strong.
Will my feet be blistered,
From the point shoes?
While the lights from the stage,
Warm my dead soul.
Will I be,
A prima ballerina.

pointe slippers - Ballet by Salt & Pepper @ Equal 10 
leotard - Ballet by Salt & Pepper @ Equal 10 
hair - Cozy Bun @ Tableau Vivant
pose - Underneath @ West End
large rabbit - Ballet Bunnies - Ms Kennedy @ Bad Seed
small rabbit - Ballet Bunnies - Ivy @ Bad Seed
piano - Nicola @ Chez Moi
backpack - Daisy's @ Kalopsia
water bottle - Daisy's @ Kalopsia
stool - Vintage Memories @ Dahlia

Music is life

dress - Atrtmis by Kaithleen's @ C88
head piece - Grapes and Roses @ Lode
pose & prop - Bento Woman @ Shi.s poses
hair - Midnight @ Magika  (hard to see but great for add-ons)
skin (lelutka head) - Scota2 / Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

Friday, 7 August 2020

What I Feel

I am allowed to make a big deal out of things that feel really big to me.

background  - The Village @ Lucas Lameth
birds - Flight of Finches @ HEXtraordinary
top  - Terry by Lybra @ Uber
skirt - Terry by Lybra Uber
hair - Steph @ Exile
earrings and necklace - Tatiana by Cae @ FaMESHed
skin (catwa head) - June/ Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Fun at the Fair

She never asked for much but the small things she needed
 that filled the space of her hearts desire were hard to come by.
There were people who made her feel as though
 she was asking for the world
when all she ever wanted was some time
and perhaps someone who understood
 why that mattered so much

pose & prop - Spring Forth/ Free Ride  @ Le Poppycock
dog - Shiba Inu Adult Animesh @ Rezz Room
hair - Soni @ C'est La Vie
dress - Carrie by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
shoes - Amore @ Friday
skin - (lelutka head) Flora/ Nordic @DeeTaleZ


I've always been different and I'll tell you why.
I'm not afraid of the truth.
I'm not afraid of being honest and raw and downright brutal with how I choose to hammer words out of my mouth.
I'm not afraid to show myself without a designer label, without any coat of sugary bullshit.
I.m not afraid of someone telling me I'm not ladylike.
I'm not afraid to say ''f*** you''.
I'm moot afraid to stand up for something I believe in.
I'm not afraid to show my truth to a world that says I can't be me.
I', not afraid to say, ''I will never be anything less than me, if that bothers you, step out of my light.''

hair - Midnight (fringe option)  @ Magika
dress - Solitaire  by [ae] @ TLC
chest carving - Waning Rose @ Rekt Royalty
eyeliner - Lisa by Veechi  @N21
skin - (lelutka head) Scota2/ Mixed @DeeTaleZ
pose - Stand with Style @ Kopfkino
backdrop - Playing the Game by Serenity Style  @ TLC

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Take me to the Island......

There's an island in the distance, I hear its beautiful... The water crystal blue... Waves so gentle... Sand so soft... The breeze blows gently, the palms sway back and forth... That island is just up ahead, keep heading north... Large grey rocks and deep blue waters will lead you to that island...The island of forever.... Where the maybes don't turn into never,and dreams never become doubts... See it in the distance, it looks close enough to touch. Smell the salt in the air.... Drift away... Let it all go... Let it all go there...Safe and sound, leave all of your troubles behind... Get to that island... Get lost in time. In a time where everything is nothing and nothing is everything...The island of lost dreams and broken sorrows.. The island of hope and shattered promises. Full of beauty, full of lies, full of enchantment.. Yet, full of cries...Cries of disbelief, cries of laughter, cries of heartache, cries to just escape... Escape from all insanity to sane or from sane to insanity. The island... Is pure vanity..Step into the water so peaceful and serene... So crystal clear and warm... So unsettling but enticingly inviting Let it invite you in...Going further out... Its getting deeper.. But the island... The island is just up ahead. The current growing stronger that beautiful water getting darker.. Nothing surrounds me now.. No light.. No sound...Deep darkness below me and all around, I'm growing weaker.. My arms and legs tired. Don't think I can go much farther but the island, the island is so promising. I've got to get there, someway somehow.. I can not give up now... Please not now..All of my hopes,dreams and effort have been put into getting to this island...The island, so full of beauty, so full of grace, I've got to make it to that peaceful and wonderful place...I catch a final wind, a breath of that salty air... I can almost taste it, am I almost there? A sudden urge to swim faster... But my legs just keep getting heavier... I just can't swim anymore....The island... But the island.. In the distance... Just up ahead...Out here in the deep... My arms now weak.. I try to cry out.. My voice.. My voice won't speak..I begin to sink... All of the salty air I once breathed... Is now set free... Now I belong to the sea...The sea of broken promises and empty dreams. It has gained another lost and once hopeful soul... Trying to reach her dream that lies just beyond the sea.... Her dream to just catch a glimpse of that island.... That island…

build - Monteverde Villa  by Scarlet Creative @ FaMESHed
sofa and some other furniture pieces   which will be shown closer in another blog post soon.
trees - Macaw Palm @ Little Branch
boat - The Lost Kingdom @ Serenity Style 

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Such is life

The bliss of ignorance
The pain of knowledge
The serenity of hopelessness

hat/ top/ sleeves/ shorts - Sofia gacha by Les Sucreries de Fairy @ TLC
boots - Laveneno @ Remezzo
hair - Adeena @ Opal
pose - Something Good @ LW Bento poses

Saturday, 1 August 2020

It was meant to make us better

I remember  in the 70s  being asked how did we think we would be in 2020. Well no one guess it right, that's for sure. As televisions went from black and white to colour and more channels  happened, there was such changes. Phones in the home became more common until it was the normal thing to have From fax machines to pagers, moving on to mobile phones to the internet. So many amazing things, it should have made us better. After all, we could be in contact with so many more people, talk to new folk around the world. Yet having things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc... It has made us more selfish, more demanding, more lazy. The more we get the worse the human race gets. What happened to us , it was meant to make us better.

Top and skirt - Tonya @  Wicca's Originals
mask - Guardian @  Wicca's Originals

Boho hideaway

chevron privacy wall/ rug/ table/ tray with items on sitting on table/  both cactus in pots by privacy wall/ chimenea/ hanging key chime/ hanging chair/ stools with cactus in pot on top - Boho Porch Set by Crate @ The Epiphany
pictures - Cactus @ Silence
wooden planter people - Wooden plant buddies @ DaD

Friday, 31 July 2020

Can never got back

But the thing is,
even if I could go back,
I wouldn't belong there anymore

pose - Legs for Days @ Foxcity
boots - Black Widow by Wicca's Originals@ Kinky
top - Dumpling by Vinyl @ Kinky
hair - Connie @ Fabia
skin (lelutka head) - Scota2 / Mixed @ DeeTaleZ

Thursday, 30 July 2020


You are rare, 
so many people are going to fall in love with the idea of having you,
most of them are not used to rare,
They are foreign to it,
so they will lack the capacity to treat you as such,
and that is where they lose you.

dress - Demi @ ChicModa
hair - Olivia @ Exile
skin (lelutka head) - Scota2 / Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
(freckles, eyeliner,lipstick all options with this skin)
pose - Humble@ Diversion (head has been moved with the lelutka Axis hud)
backdrop - Flutter @ Foxcity

Wednesday, 29 July 2020


I seen a rant on my RL Facebook from a person who can't go lay by a pool for 2 weeks without having to  follow Covid19 advice for that country. They have now decided not to go and complaining about the money they paid for it all. I get they are sad they can't go relax for a few weeks but then again is it better not being safe. The same person moaned about not enough people wore masks and how the government need to do more to protect us all from this virus. It really is a hard time for so many, some countries seem to be getting better, others are rising and a few look like they are on a second wave of this thing.  It was for them mad to book and pay for a holiday and expect to fly off into the sunset and  have no problems. Stay-cation is the thing this year. Each country we live in as its good and bad points. Maybe this is the year we get out and enjoy the good stuff more, spend out money more local and try helping ourselves.  Self-catering, a caravan or a B&B might not be the hotel you wanted but it can be fun, that's if you let it.

top & pants - Reeva @ Meva
skin (lelutka head)  Lake @ Session
hair - Sunrise @ Magika

Monday, 27 July 2020

My little oasis

build & planter at bottom of steps - Farah  @ Granola
bamboo  @ Love
floats & cooler - Salt Water Collection @ Granola
statues - Garden Nymph @ 22769
plants in pots by statues - Hibiscus @ Ariskea
lemon tree  @ T Spot
water fountain ( old item, store closed)
chairs - Littlefalls @ Raindale
table - Peaceful Peacock Porch Set @ Crate
items on table - Lemonade pitcher @ Apple Fall

I will sing because......

For the amount of shit I've been through...
I really have a beautiful soul.
I'm slightly damaged,
but I still have a heart of gold.

skin (lelutka head) Lake @ Session
eyeliner - Lisa by Veechi @ N21
lips - This Girl @ Shiny Stuffs
outfit - Chained Blaze by Avec Toi @ Uber
hair - Sunshine @ Lamb

Sunday, 26 July 2020

All I want.....

chairs/ lamp shades/ tray with items on - Sojourn Collection by Nutmeg @ C88
window decor - Paper Flowers @ Ariskea
hanging decor at window - DreamCatcher  @ Ariskea
old window frame - Shy Ivy @ Ariskea
lanterns - Vintage @ Ariskea
box under chair - Love Letters @ Ariskea
table with cloth/ books under chair/ orange jug/ tin/ pottery/ biscotti - Florence by Dahlia @ C88
jug with flowers in/   pictures on wall to right/ flowers on ground - Summer Peonies Set @ Aphrodite
pictures on wall to left - Romantic Frames @ Aphrodite
rug - Vulnerability @ Dahlia
cats - European Cat, Adult Animesh ( move with you & static option) @ Rezz Room
build - Fairy Cottage @ KraftWork

Friday, 24 July 2020

Another place

My soul has always been from another place,
where hearts are seen and scars are shared
Stephanie Bennett-Henry

dog - Yorkshire Adult Animesh @ Rezz Room
suitcases  with items on it and camera - Vana Trunk Clutter @ Peaches
passport, earbuds,book and phone - Skye's Travel Clutter @ Peaches
shoes - Coco Quilted Mules @ Gos
top - Cora @ Pixicat
jeans - Skinny Low @ Little Fox
hair - Stellar @ Lamb
skin - lelutka head) Cora /Mixed tone @ DeeTaleZ
pose & prop - Watercolours gacha / the right note by Le Poppycock @ TLC
backdrop - Paradise Valley Door gacha @ Silence

Me and my mini monkey mate

This little monkey is so much fun a vlogger would do better showing it, though to really enjoy it is better to buy wear. The hand comes out to post and  worked ok with my AO and also when I was changing poses to  take this picture. He jumps around waving his hand as is he is telling me off or something. Makes shopping so much more fun when he is around

necklace & earrings - Phoebe by Cae @ Uber
top - New Attitude @ Entice
hair - Witchy @ Lamb
skin - (lelutka head) Mara tone 04 by Glam Affair @ C88
finger monkey@ HEXtraordinary

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Quick dip into memories

Trying to find an idea for a blog picture is not something that always happens easy. I tend to find music, or something I have read directs me mostly. Today it was talking about past holidays.So when I was sim hoping I spotted this  and it brought back memories with family, my summers in North Carolina. Good times. 
This swimwear set is pretty amazing, it interacts with the water and drys with the sun. Pretty cool.

pose & prop - Stay Cool gacha/ first Dip @ Le Poppycock
swim top & bottoms (both interactive) June by Salt & Pepper @ C88 
hair - Embers @ Stealthic
skin - (lelutka head) April Tone 02 @ Session

Wednesday, 22 July 2020


When you wonder why someone lives in pain without ever reaching out,
I hope you can look back to see they reached out a hundred times,
and no one reached back.

skin - Sandy/ Alabaster @ Amara Beauty
body frame & top  - Cryo Torso by Wicca's Originals @ Mainframe
hair - Sloane by KoKoLoReS @ TLC
green eye liner - Lisa by Veechi @ N21
pose - Creep Girl @ Exposeur
body & arms markings - Damask's Marks @ Nefekalum
cutting on chest -X Full Blood @ The Rotting Lab
round marks under eyes -  Starcross  @ The Rotting Lab
red markings on eyes on eyes and lips - Cracked Full @ The White Crow

Life's a Beach

house - Minimal Needs gacha @ Ionic
furniture inside the house Minimal Needs gacha @ Ionic
hanging chair - Carmelia Rattan @ Granola
hanging planters - @ Mink & Moss
chairs outside house - Leander @ Trompe Loeil
trees - Lipstick Palms (grass comes in the pack)   @ Little Branch
chairs. umbrella and table on beach - Watermelon by Simply Shelby @ TLC
outside shower - Hanalei @ Circa
boardwalk - @Studio Skye
boulders @ Dysfunctionality