Thursday, 21 June 2018

Ice Cream Baby

everyone knows 
that ice cream is worth
the trouble of being cold. 
Like all things virtuous, 
you have to suffer 
to gain the reward.
top - Julie by Les Sucreries De Fairy @ TLC
skirt - Ingrid by Ersch @ TLC
hair - Lianne by Mina @  GOOD VIBES

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Lumae Love

Chatter was nuts over this new head, I watched and I read as must as I could about it. What made me nervous was that someone said one of the people behind it was connected to Genesis heads and I wasn't a fan of them. Mostly because I was struggling to get used to mesh heads and then they did lots of gachas and that stinks when it comes to heads and skins. Anyway I kept reading and then seen that Lumae was excited over it and was making a skin. So off I went and bought another head.  I made very tiny changes to the face but not enough to really notice. I do like this head though I got a little lost on the hud (more me being silly than the fault of the hud). The skin is stunning on here and  this brand will make me use this head more as they bring out different releases.  Below shows the full skin tone range  from Lumae and remember she caters for all the mesh heads. The price is lower than any other skinner I know and, as if that is not enough, you get the body applier and ears all for that one low price.  

backdrop - Split Panel by Paper.Crown @ Vintage Fair
dress - Nagore by Belle Epoque @ Vintage Fair
pose - Smoking by oOo Studio @ Vintage Fair
cig holder - Tiffany's by Glitzz @ Vintage Fair
hair - Sugar, Sugar by Exile @ Vintage Fair
hat - Valle @ Lode
mesh head @ Genus Project
mesh head applier (comes with body applier) Leevi @ Lumae

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

I goggled my symptoms, turns out I needed to be on a beach

We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail
Where are we going, so far away
And somebody told me that this is the place
Where everything's better, everything's safe
Walk on the ocean
Step on the stones
Flesh becomes water
Wood becomes bone

pose - The Tranny Series by An Lar @ WLRP
leg tattoo - Ayaka @ Stardust
chest tattoo - Aya @ Stardust
catwa head applier - Hailey @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
dress - Savannah @ ChicModa
glasses - Aviator @ EvoLove
hair - Brooke by Phoenix @ FaMESHed
sim - Serein


Here’s the chance of life
Get ready, set, fly. High! 
Above the fear of your mind
Go for it, it's hit or miss
Too late for you to quit
You gotta show 'em how bad you really want this
Live your dreams, 
It's not as hard as it may seem
You gotta work to get the cream 
On your hopes you must lean
From your fears, you have to win yourself
It's all or nothing, Give your everything

dress - Aine by Lakshimi @ TLC
hair - Lungo @ Navy and Copper
sandals - Rae @
pose - Idle @ Po^Z
backdrop - Julia Spring @ Serenity Style 
catwa head applier - Bliss @ Birth
maitreya body applier - Tone 2 @ Birth

Monday, 18 June 2018

Forget Diamonds - A Dog is a Girls Best Friend

Always happy to see me
Showers me with kisses. That how I know
I'm the one she misses.
When I've had a bad day
She doesn't ask why,
She just cuddles close 
In case I need a good cry
We love goofing around
and having fun as we play
We make time for that
every single day.
So its not hard to see
 Maybe you've guessed
my dog is not just my friend
She is the best

top - Paloma by NX-Nardcotix @ Vintage Fair
eyes - Ava by Banana Banshee Vintage Fair
hair - Luster @ Lamb
catwa head applier - Monica @ Atelier Pepe
maitreya body applier - Spring @ Atelier Pepe
pose & prop - Puppy Therapy @ Le Poppycock

Single and Happy

If you are single, do not worry about finding someone.
Instead, enjoy yourself. Eat good food. Travel to neat places. 
Laugh with people you have nothing in common with.
Do whatever makes you happiest.
You are not in need of an'other half'. 
You are already whole. 
If meet someone or not, you will still be whole..
Tell yourself you are wonderful.
Never hang out with anyone who makes you feel like you're not.
You don't need anyone to be happy.
Focus on yourself, and everything else
will eventually fall into place.

pose & prop - Beach Cabin by Secret Poses @ Vintage Fair
hair - HO527 @ Tram
swimsuit - Sophia @ Vanilla Bae
catwa head applier - Paris by Session @ Ultra
maitreya body applier - Tone 01 @ Session

Once Broken

Everything that
once was broken
can be repaired, 
but never again
will it be the same.
As the tears 
will always seep 
between the cracks. 
Etched by memories 
of harboured pain

hair - Drive Fast  by Exile @ C88
dress - Knot by ChicModa @ Whimiscal
sandals - Capri by Ingenue @ C88
catwa head applier - Rose by DeeTaleZ @ C88
maitreya body applier - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Have a Vintage Weekend

Vintage fair is on its half way mark and there is still so many things I want to show you in posts. I should have blogged yesterday but  was to emotionally tired to bother.
I went to my fathers grave yesterday to put flowers for Fathers Day. He passed just over 10 years ago but some how this year was much harder with mum gone now too. So while my house isn't this funky and I don't look this cute  this picture just about shows what I felt last night rather than being in SL

boots - Go Go By 1313 Mockingbird Lane @ Vintage Fair
outfit - Secret Crush by 1Hundred @ Vintage Fair
hair - Arare by Argrace
mesh head - Bree @ LAQ
laq head applier - Elvi @ Lumae
maitreya body applier - T1 @ Lumae

chairs/ table with plant, radio,plate on/ rug - Urbanite by Circa @ Vintage Fair
pictures - Retro Art by Little Bat @ Vintage Fair
lamp - Umbrella @ LlamaInc
backdrop - Retro @ Minimal

Friday, 15 June 2018

The Simple Life

Was life more simple back then ? or do we just romanticise it. I have no idea of that answer. People seemed happier with their lot. Men worked hard jobs with long hours for not so much money and the little woman stayed at home, cooking and cleaning and raising the children. Always looking pretty when the husband arrived home with a cooked meal ready, Now women work and raise the kids and cook the food, even with men helping most of it still falls to to the woman in the home. There might not have been pressure to work and raise a family and have it all back then, but at least now, if  a woman wants to leave a relationship she can. She can even have a family without having the man if she wants. Yes there are more pressures on  women these days but there is also more freedom.  So while I love vintage and I adore living it in SL, I never want the world to go back to what it was back then. We can just keep it romantic n the movies.

dress - Betsy by MOoH! @ Vintage Fair

hair - Annabelle by Exile @ Vintage Fair
mesh head - Bree @ LAQ
laq head applier - Elvi @ Lumae
maitreya body applier - T1 @ Lumae
necklace - Elle by Nanika @ Vintage Fair
all other furniture items - Nettle Farms by Noctis @ Vintage Fair
radio (that really works) Orrery by Spyralle @ Vintage Fair

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Storm Won't Stop My Summer

 We had fantastic weather here for a while, so warm it was to hot to sit in my garden but now there is a storm over us and the winds are so strong it is taking trees done. Funny thing is some people living a round my area are still dressing for summer. It is like 'This is June and I refuse to stop wearing shorts.' Me ? I popped the heating on for a wee while this morning as it was a little cold, or is it old age !

dress - Merlin by Zephyr @ Vintage Fair
shoes - Odyssey  by G&D @ Vintage Fair
hair - Lourdes by NYNE @ Vintage Fair
pose & prop - Marilyn by Image Essentials @ Vintage Fair
mesh head - Bree @ LAQ
maitreya body applier - tone 1.0 @ LAQ

Avatar Noir

Staring - ZenCho Balhaus
When you get a great hat/headdress, its best to let it speak for itself

lipstick - Kiss Me  by Shiny Stuffs @ Vintage Fair
headpiece - Yijie by Shanghai @ Vintage Fair

Backdrop/pose - {.:exposeur:.} The White Rooms

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

You Have The Right ......

You're human and you have the right to say ''That was shitty of you.'' You have the right to say ''Let me feed that back to you. Tell me, how does it taste?'' You have the right to protest your own mistreatment and set boundaries for respectful interactions. The rest of the world doesn't realise you have this right, they will act offended and appalled when you exercise it, but it is yours

eyeshadow - Hotsy Tosy by Shiny Stuffs @ Vintage Fair
lipstick - Kiss Me by Shiny Stuffs @ Vintage Fair
catwa head applier (comes with body appliers) - Neoma @ Lumae
hair - HO414 @ Tram
pose - The Jacinda Series by An Lar @ Vintage Fair
dress - Jean by Narcisse@ Vintage Fair
vending machine - Fifties Cigarette  by FIN @ Vintage Fair
backdrop - I<3London @ Rama

VINTAGE FAIR - 50k ARC limit has been removed

At the opening of every PGP event they have a 50K arc limit to make moving around easier - it is only ever in place at the opening weekend. Most people love this as it makes moving and shopping possible. A few complain (then again a few complain about anything and everything). Well complain no more as the limit has been removed and you can wear  whatever you want. Do remember though, wearing a  ton of huds that are not needs lags the hell out of things for yourself so you screwing yourself by doing this.
I have also seen 2  posts complaining about the build, It is easy to cam around  so I am not sure what the problem is, other than being lazy or wanting to moan because you are a moan. Anyway, here is the links you need to get there

North Sim 
South Sim