Saturday, 9 November 2019

Home, My sweet home.

 Gosh how wonderful would it be to live in a house like this. Land all around it giving the feeling of space. It would be a dream. Well you can live you dream in SL while you wait to win the lotto in RL. Bloggers homes scare me because it is such a big job to make sure it is shown well. Excitement was stronger than the fear when I seen this house though. I needed to make this my first real try at doing this because I thought people need to see how stunning a build this is. I will be  blogging more  decor and furniture items and using this house as the place to  do it. The inside flows so well, easy to walk around. I change houses way to often in SL but I got excited to live in this one. 
I have posted 2 closer shots of things that I used. It is little details like this that make this house a home even before entering the door.

house - Riverstone @ DaD
blinds - Keating @ Llorisen
hanging lights - Tivona Tree Lanterns @ What Next
scarecrow - VIP group gift @ What Next
wheelbarrow - Fall Harvest @ What Next
bike - Autumn Bicycle Decor @ What Next
wreath - Hello Fall @ What Next
pumpkin planter - Mortar @ Galland Homes
large board at door - Fall Porch Decor @ Galland Homes
cages decor - Autumn Cage by 22769 @ TLC
large tree - GrafittiBanya @ Little Branch
shrubs - Elm @ Little Branch
tall green plants  - Persian Shield @ Heart Garden Center
turkey collection @ Jian
bench - Brightshore @ Raindale
grass - Meadow @ Raindale
dog on porch  - Parson Russell Terrier @ TLC Animated Animals

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