Saturday, 1 August 2020

It was meant to make us better

I remember  in the 70s  being asked how did we think we would be in 2020. Well no one guess it right, that's for sure. As televisions went from black and white to colour and more channels  happened, there was such changes. Phones in the home became more common until it was the normal thing to have From fax machines to pagers, moving on to mobile phones to the internet. So many amazing things, it should have made us better. After all, we could be in contact with so many more people, talk to new folk around the world. Yet having things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc... It has made us more selfish, more demanding, more lazy. The more we get the worse the human race gets. What happened to us , it was meant to make us better.

Top and skirt - Tonya @  Wicca's Originals
mask - Guardian @  Wicca's Originals

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