Wednesday, 21 July 2021

The modern witch

 build - Toulon Attic by Aterlier Burgundy  part of  Evolve (go grab your shopping hud)

white unit with all items on it - Indoor/Outdoor Mini Kitchen by Kei Spot part of  Evolve (go grab your shopping hud)

mirror - Zona  by Sequel part of Evolve (go grab your shopping hud)

rug - Golden Moon @ ChiMia

table/ cauldron on table/ chairs/ drying rack hanging on the left/ cherry basket on floor/  wooden spoons star kitchen protector/ 2 bottles on top shelf/ moon water & Florida water  on lower shelf - Cottagecore by Crate @ Epiphany

cup & saucer on table - Catrina de Muertos gacha @ Ballade

other items on shelves  @ Half Deer 

hanging planters - Lunar (in the Thought pack) @ Ariskea

skull - Magical Curiosities @ Half Deer 

2 headed cats - Magical Curiosities @ Half Deer 

lit up wall branches Twinkle @ Tarte

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